Create, share and edit outlines in real-time!

What are Outlines good for?

Outlines are a great way to gather and organize thoughts, ideas, tasks and whatever is on your mind.

Online Outliner allows you to create outlines in your web browser in real-time.

How to start?

Hit the START button to access a unique URL where you can start creating outlines right away. No account or login is needed.

By sharing this URL you are able to collaborate with others via the web browser. Your outlines are synchronized and changes will be visible immediately.

How do I create Outlines?

  1. Write down what's on your mind. Hit return for creating a new element.
  2. Structure your entered items by indenting or moving them to separate lists.
  3. Prioritize your items by moving them up or down.

Collaboration is fun!

Creating outlines with others in real-time is fun. Try it out! Start a new set of outlines and send the URL to friends or colleagues.